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about us

IG Passivhaus Piedmont, born in 2008, is the answer to a need identified by our associates.

Some of us have approached to the Passive House concept in the creation of their homes so that they could assess the need to convey an idea, a design philosophy aimed at the future, still not very widespread in reality.

Our cultural association therefore deals with the promotion, diffusion and formation of the passive house concept and "factor 10" restructuring construction and retrofit of existing buildings.

For this reason, the IG Passive House Piedmont, in the current year, becomes a member of IPHA (International Passive House Association) for the international recognition of the activities carried out and especially for the occasion of comparison and a constant contact with designers of worldwide excellence.

Our efforts will be directed at planners, industry and Government representatives with the purpose of spreading on a large scale the prospects offered by this construction methodology in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.