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what is the passive house?

A passive house is a House that lives the possibilities offered by nature and optimize to give its inhabitants the utmost comfort combined with concrete advantages.

The concept that animates this building method is based on creating buildings that can attract, retain and make better use of the heat generated by sunlight.

Increased use of glass surfaces to let in the light, better insulation to retain heat and modern systems of air circulation.

These are the basics to get a 90% savings on utility bills and a sustainable building and low environmental impact.

While not completely devoid of a heating system is what comes closest to the reduction and limitation. Conventional systems are borrowed from mechanical ventilation, which is the key to extraordinary results. Modern methods allow even to create cooling in summer and heat in winter, while balancing moisture and air quality conveyed by the system (which includes cleaning of filters).

Air quality means quality of life, a healthy environment and generates is able to improve the incidence of common viral diseases like flu or colds.

Also talk about the passive house is talk of its inhabitants, every project is "sewn" on the needs and habits of the owners to optimize performance of the building.

Design level, the location and distribution of the airflow is determined by the intended use of the premises and the habits of those who qualify, giving options to focus the use of facilities.

Cost savings, quality of life and strong personalization thing wanting more from a building?